Create universe now runs without Adodb!

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Create universe now runs without Adodb!

Post by thekabal » Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:17 am

Tonight I committed the changes needed for BNT Original to run create universe using only PDO - no adodb any more!

This change means that the minimum requirements for the game had to be bumped (for both mysql and php) slightly. But it also brings us support for Persistent Tables. That means that we can begin working towards having tables that exist beyond a game reset, if we so choose. Doing so only requires renaming a standard SQL schema file to persist-$filename.sql

It seems to run quicker, but I don't have any real benchmarks to offer.

The rest of the game still uses adodb, but this marks the last major hurdle towards moving to PDO. Lots to do, but very cool progress.


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