Dev 2015

For announcing, describing and discussing code changes to BNT.

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Dev 2015

Post by Ron » Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:20 am

OK guys, I moved off of one of the other forum areas to continue the topics for DEV 2015.

I've installed the "base" version, if you will , and began playing on my Dev server to see what works and what is broken. As stated in the previous posts the ADODB change to PDO is brilliant.

As for player objection; the code is old and many processes have changed. The core of the game should stay and game play can be corrected to make the game what it was designed to be..great! From reading from past developers and posts on the Internet things need to be updated and corrected for the game to become great. I was installing and playing this game before many of you were born and had many players enjoying it. I think it can happen again. Like everyone else, time is limited between developing and having a life. Everyone who decides this is a game worth saving, developing and playing need to maintain a work life balance while coming on board to help fix what is broken, changing the game core as little as possible while bringing in new features and styling to make it popular again.

No one can do it alone. I'm not one of the original developers, I am a game player who wants to help save it, learn new ways to develop, share what I can to contribute. To the original guys, I'll help when I can and as often as possible. As original developers it's your game and your decisions as to the future of BNT. I feel it important that changes, updates and graphics be approved by those who have been with the project from the beginning. Through shared knowledge, education and experience we can all share and develop this game to be what everyone wishes it to be.

For players old and new - programming changes have to be performed, processes must be trimmed and corrected. A test game with the latest updates hopefully will come online and we need constructive feedback and bug reports. Have fun, play the game and help us move forward to have Version 1.0

No one gave up on's still the same game only developed continuously..

So...what you guys think?

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Re: Dev 2015

Post by thekabal » Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:58 am

Sounds great!

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