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🛠 Looking into versions of BNT [REALMS] Dev Update...

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2020 21:19 UTC
by TheMightyDude
Yeah I know its been 4 years already, but these things can and do take time, and there is my health issues.

And with all this COVID stuff ATM I have been spending all my time with friends online, plus I haven't been in the right mood to do any coding.

Anyhow, a quick update, I will be dropping the normal signup process where you will get an email with a password, now it will require you to already have a Twitch Account in working order, and that you will then use that to Authenticate yourself on our network.
That way no emails need to be sent out, along with all those fake accounts with made up email addresses.

But we will see how it goes.