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Server Update [28th September] - Please read...

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:05 UTC
by TheMightyDude
Well most are aware what has happened with the Dedicated Rack Server that we lease from a Data Centre based in the EU.
We didn't expect for an SSD to die like it did, sadly it did and where we were running it in Striping Mode along with the other SSD we lost everything, including my new server-side game code I was working on, so not too happy there.
But on a good note we did at one point do live backups, sadly this was months old, so only a few patches behind for the BNT Code, forums were ok, not had posts for a while, sadly none of my new code was on the server when it was last backed up, so all gone.

The dead SSD was replaced by the Support Team and the hardware was passing all the self-tests so we started to install everything back up, this was also a very good time to install the latest version of Ubuntu Server which was at the time 18.04 LTS, this also allowed for us to install PHP 7.2.x along with MySQL 5.7 which is good news, been waiting to be able to have those versions installed.

Anyhow it seems that the current BNT Code I had running on here before isn't too happy with the new versions of PHP and MySQL, you can see on the status / offline page some of the issues that I had to overcome, I think I have most of the issues resolved, but to be safe I still need to look.

This means the games "should" be back online about 1st November, it would be sooner but I have had loads of medical appointment over the last month or two and next month to be able to put time into fixing code etc.

I have as you can see re-setup the forums with the latest version of phpBB along with a temporary modified Theme until I can find or make a more permanent Theme to suit our needs.

My new Game version called Blacknova Realms has suffered a setback due to the dead SSD, but its not all doom and gloom, I still have different version states on my PC, just not as up-to-date as the ones that was on the server which is a shame.
But until I sit down and take a real look at what I have locally I won't know.

Re: Server Update [28th September] - Please read...

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 13:48 UTC
by TheMightyDude
Might be an issue in the game start today, but I will try to get it done for today or tomorrow.
This is due to I have still stuff to do and RL Issues which is more important than a game, sorry.

Re: Server Update [28th September] - Please read...

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 15:03 UTC
by TheMightyDude
OK, the first test seems to of passed, sadly I did forget about testing the Database Rollback stuff (called Hourly and Daily), so I will need a bit of time to test that.

So shall we say Game Start on Monday 5th November and the game will run until December 1st (so a 1 Month game) and then back to either 2 or 3 Month games.

Re: Server Update [28th September] - Please read...

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 06:09 UTC
by TheMightyDude
Sorry it took so long, RL Health Issues.

Anyhow the game is now running.

Re: Server Update [28th September] - Please read...

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 21:32 UTC
by TheMightyDude
Sorry, it seems that our server had crashed an rebooted a few times this month which I was unaware of apart from the one today.

These crashes had corrupted most InnoDB Database Tables due to possibly writing to the cache when it crashed.

I have stopped the game for now, but it will be restarted once we know the database issue has been resolved and that no future crashed will happen.
While the game has stopped it will not receive any updates to reduce any further corruption of the database.

We have a suspicion it is the PSU which might of been the main cause for one of the SSD dying like it did, so we are looking into that.

So once again sorry for all the issues this is causing and I will get back to you once I have more information.