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Scheduled Game down time...

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 14:53 UTC
by TheMightyDude
Hello All

Just letting you all know that the game "may" be down for a couple of hours some time over the weekend or maybe some time next week for code changes to the Plugin System.

Basically I plan to put generic code from the plugins and put them into the Plugin System reducing file and memory usage.
May also add some generic Plugin System Functions to save having them in the plugin's.

I also want to add a form of LOD (Load on Demand) feature where it loads up the required Plugin Modules (sub plugin classes) when it needs to reducing in having to load code that won't be used, so if we have a plugin that does several stuff we would have several Plugin Modules and we load that module when we need to use it.

Also may change the Plugins Config file from a file with a PHP Array to a more readable format using JSON, also each Module will also have a JSON config file.

The Setting Page may also have to be updated to reflect the changes and to make it more cleaner and compact.

This is the steps it will hopefully take to load up a plugin, hook into the game, load up sub modules and handle events:
  • Search Plugin Root Folder
    • Load Enabled Plugins List File (JSON Formatted)

      *** Start of Foreach loop ***
    • Load Plugin Config File from List (JSON Formatted)
    • If Enabled Load Plugin Loader
      • Setup EventHooks and return
      **** End of Foreach loop ***
    • If EventRaised Call all Hooked Plugins
      • OnEvent Called so check what event was called (plugin may support multi events)
      • Load Module that supports that event and then handle event then return
Well something on those lines.
This will allow us to move over to store in the database information about enabled plugins, which will make it easier to enable/disable plugins from the database.

Also to know when the game is back up from being offline is to leave the offline page open in your browser and it will automatically update.

Re: Scheduled Game down time...

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 22:15 UTC
by TheMightyDude
Ok, this scheduled down time has been put off, due to lack of free time and the huge code change in the Plugin System, all running Plugins will need to be updated and tested which wouldn't fit into the couple of hours allocated.

So I will have to code it externally from the game along with copies of all the plugin's, and once complete its just a matter of copying over the new versions and praying it doesn't break anything.

In the worst case I may wait until the next reset before I copy over the new version, that way I can test them before I open the games.