Changes 01 May 2014

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Changes 01 May 2014

Post by TheMightyDude » Thu May 01, 2014 02:14 UTC

Hello All

I have done some little changes to the Traderoute System, you shouldn't really notice any difference if you are following our rules and playing the game as it was intended to be played.

The change would be that there is now a small delay when actually doing the traderoute, if your playing as intended you shouldn't hit the delay so for those players no change.

However if your one of these players that use Automated Scripts, Macros, or a custom written browser application which is breaking one of our rules and runs the risk of being banned, even if you say your not, we know if you are so don't even bother throwing a tantrum.
These players will see it hit the delay and the more you do it the longer it gets (5 seconds maximum) so you will have to wait for that to time out before you can do any trade routing.

This is to give the legit players a chance.

Also the settings may change overtime to iron out any issues that may pop up.
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