Hi, regarding no tab/two browser rule

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Hi, regarding no tab/two browser rule

Post by Rincewind » Sun Oct 04, 2020 03:25 UTC

Any insight about why this is a rule? I mean, anyone who played this game seriously knows that kamiing is REALLY painful if you are not allowed using tabs :D
Also, you cannot break a big bank without kamikaze attacks!

How are we supposed to fight big banks? I'm supposed to click for ever of the 1000 kami attempts in one tab? It will take a crazy amount of time that way. :/

I can understand no multiple accounts, but one player... utilising multiple tabs - manually! That's how I kamiid forever for myself and others. Never used automation software (it's really not even necessary, it's easy to do solo manually!).

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Re: Hi, regarding no tab/two browser rule

Post by ProCra » Sun Oct 11, 2020 21:40 UTC

That rule it is set exactly to deter such a rapid attack, since no one can be online 24/7, so it allows to the defender or his team to notice the attacks and counter it, with some degree of luck of course.

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