Mines, how to get them

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Mines, how to get them

Post by McArgent » Thu Jan 07, 2021 15:25 UTC

I played BNT years ago, even ran a server for a while (something I'm tempted to pick back up). Came back because some guys on Facebook started a 716 BBS Community and reminded me of it (might be bringing a person or two with me).

So, I've got some planets started. I've got stuff on my planets. I want to defend them from the Klingons (or whatever they're called these days). Where/how do I get mines?

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Re: Mines, how to get them

Post by ProCra » Thu Jan 07, 2021 21:04 UTC

Either at the space port, either from the production of your planet. "MInes are deployed Torpedoes" as it says here:


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