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New Player Email

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 15:37 UTC
by achaiah

I have recently setup BlackNova Traders for some friends and I to play. The game is setup on a linux server and is working great. The one question that I have is when the game sends the initial "Traders Password" email where can I modify the body of the email. The current email message is showing "Someone from the IP address requested that your password Traders be sent to you".

I would like to change it so that it doesn't show my gateway IP address but would instead show something like "Blacknova Traders brought to you by ... has requested that your password for Blacknova Traders be sent to you".

I have looked through the '/config/config.php', mail.php, mailto.php and mailto2.php and was not able to locate the message body.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Kevin (Achaiah)

Re: New Player Email

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 16:39 UTC
by TheMightyDude
The IP that is displayed in the email is of the connection that signed up, this is the same IP that is stored in the database.
Its safe to have that in the email due to only the user that signed up gets that email.

As for changing the body of the email, look in the language files and search for "l_new_message" the body is in that variable.
You will need to recreate the universe after changing any language or config variable in their files.

Also please note new lines in emails need to be \r\n (i.e. CRLF) anything else might cause issues.

Re: New Player Email

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 12:38 UTC
by achaiah
Thank you very much for the information and the quick response. I did not think of looking at the language file.
I will rebuild the universe as I haven't opened the game up yet. I had only signed up myself to verify that everything is working.

Thanks again and thank you so much for the work on this game. I have thoroughly enjoyed this game (and of course trade wars during the BBS years).

Kevin (Achaiah)