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Money not increasing on planet

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 19:57 UTC
by SanSiim

I already sent a PM about this to TheMightyDude ingame, but it seems that money stops growing on planet after you hit 9,2*18. I finally split the stack and it seems to be growing again. But 24 hours it just stood there and I lost so much score :/

Re: Money not increasing on planet

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 01:29 UTC
by phpfixer
It is increasing, but MySQL is trimming it back - 9E+18 is the MySQL BigInt data type limit - number cannot go any higher, so you lose score while everybody else builds new planets and splits their cash among them

I once had in a game I was in, over 600 planets maxed out like that, and was building 30 new ones a day - would have been more but ran out of turns... it can go on infinitely until every sector that can be built in has the maximum number of planets available and everyone is maxed out.. once that hits, pretty much everybody with more than 50-100 maxed planets will have the same score... also due to the max limit on the int(8) MySQL data field(2,147,483,647 or something like that)