Another problem with 0.663 create_universe

Trying to install BNT? No guarantees we can help you (especially if you're hosting it on windows) but we''ll try.

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Another problem with 0.663 create_universe

Post by GeorgeSL » Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:28 pm

I am having trouble getting the Xenobes working....
The create_universe.php appears to work perfectly but, after it has completed my Xenobe_control.php does not see any
Xenobes to edit and even after I create new Xenobes they are not found by the editor and the cron scheduler does not see any
when it runs.
I have 2 separate games setup so I can work on the beta if anyone has some ideas.

Thanks a Bunch for any help and for a Grrreeaaaattt Game :)
You can check out the game I am currently working on (vers. 0.663) at

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