Missing Table

Trying to install BNT? No guarantees we can help you (especially if you're hosting it on windows) but we''ll try.

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Missing Table

Post by Prometheus » Wed Mar 23, 2016 21:54 UTC

Session Replace: Table 'game.bnt_sessions' doesn't exist

so now no one can log in

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Re: Missing Table

Post by RancerDS » Wed Mar 23, 2016 23:04 UTC

The mention of "table" makes me think it is database related.

"bnt_sessions" is definitely one of the tables made by using the "create_universe.php" script. The first thing will be to check your permissions on the BNT directory and all files. Then use MySQL console or something like phpMyAdmin to check to see if that table exists. If it doesn't, it might be easist to go ahead and try the Create Universe php again. If that doesn't, maybe first delete all tables and the database, set up a new database, make sure your database name is set correctly within the "db_config.php" file under the BNT/config directory and then run Create Universe.

Hope this helps. Afraid I can't trouble-shoot much more beyond this.

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