Changes to Scheduler.php and table...

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Changes to Scheduler.php and table...

Post by TheMightyDude » Sat Jul 08, 2017 02:31 UTC

Hey All

Was getting annoyed with Scheduler due to the fact the code that I use to run was causing issues, especially the Scheduler side of things.

And all I got told via the admin logs was scheduler was broken, resulting in the scheduler not completing.

Anyhow I have been playing with a checker called Scheduler Checker, its not perfect yet and still needs cleaning up.

Along with this I had to modify scheduler.php in the way it works and the scheduler table by adding another field called 'next_run' now from that we can now know if an update has not run when it was suppose to.

So now I have got the old game up and running again, just checked the apache logs and I cannot see any more errors being listed, but only time will tell.
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