Dev Update April 2023

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Dev Update April 2023

Post by TheMightyDude » Thu Apr 20, 2023 15:55 UTC

Hello All

Just a quick update on the development...
Although I have had health issues for a while I have started to go back to working on the new version.

I have mostly been working on the Multithreaded Network code, not fully completed as yet, but its functioning enough for the Client and Server to be able to talking to each other.

I did get worried when I started looking at how to Load / Update and Save Live Game Data, I tried loads of different ways, a few sort of worked ok, but was very messy or was slow, so no good way.
Then I looked at NoSQL using LiteDB and you know what it sort of worked very well, also loads less code needed due to I no longer need to convert stuff between classes and SQL, I can now just create and populate the classes and just insert them into the Collection.
Oh and its really fast.

So that being said, currently at this time I can say the new version will not be using any Databases.
Basically I an aiming for the Admin to just upload the files (i.e. Game Server App) to their server run the server the first time by hand where they will be asked to provide the information for the Admin Account and some of the games settings, they will also be asked to enter a password (AES Encryption password) for this NoSQL storage file if they wanted to add extra security and once all setup they should be able to automate the start up of the game server.

So basically a drop and go way of things.

User Passwords are also no longer stored in BCRYPT (i.e. BLOWFISH), will now be using SRP (SRP WIKI) so no more needing to send that.

More to come later.
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Re: Dev Update April 2023

Post by BBB » Wed May 24, 2023 11:50 UTC

Thanks for the update!

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