New official game?

Do you need help playing, have ideas for the game or just want to talk about what's going on in the game? This is the place.

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New official game?

Post by Rincewind » Tue Jan 10, 2017 05:06 UTC

Is there going to be one anytime soon? Or you are solely focusing on developing the new client/server?
Wyesoft one is pretty active but it's buggy (always 0 online). It's on MySQL so it's doomed with the max non-all transfer limited to whatever is its OS's int limitation etc. Also, score goes to -X once you hit int limit.

+ They plan to have 6 month resets now lol.. 6 months. So people can get maxed. What's the point in getting maxed? :S

It does have some sweet improvements, though.

Anyway... I'm hoping there will be a game here again. Really feel like playing with more people from start. With 20-30 people at least, 3 month rounds sound perfect.

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Re: New official game?

Post by TheMightyDude » Tue Jan 10, 2017 06:54 UTC

Well to get the current game working on here would take a huge recoding of a bunch of files and that's for the files that popup errors etc, there are files that seems to be ok but might throw errors in rare cases.

So the way I see it, I might as well just do the new version of the Client / Server code from the ground up.

I have done some coding but not as much as I would really like to of done, I really need to write all my ideas down before coding, the amount of times I have got a certain way into a project to have to start again due to features I wanted to add just wouldn't work with the code I had at the time.

I have been playing about with different stuff that I would like to add, some stuff worked and some didn't.

One thing I have been thinking about is having base levels on the planets, the larger the base the more building you can have on there, to land on an owned planet the planet requires a space port or a docking port.

But this all depends on how close I keep it to the current BNT.
Keeping it close to BNT will still require a reset every X time length, I really want to stay away from having to reset the game.

To remove the need to resetting the game every X time I would have to remove loads of stuff that is currently in BNT, like players owning planets, player owned planets is one of the main reasons the game has to be reset, this is due to the fact their might not be any more space in the universe to store new planets and if we cannot store any more planets then the new players are screwed.

I am trying to keep the player busy doing fun stuff in the game like crafting stuff, killing stuff (I.e. NPC) or PvP in designated areas, Exploring the Universe, Gathering and most of all Trading.

Well the Integer limitation will happen on all database software, its just the game was coded badly LOL, we did try and fix the economy in the game but failed.
We did move to using 64bit Integers (i.e. BIGINT) which gave 0 to 18,446,744,073,709,551,615, then that was reached so we had to change it to double and had way too many issues so we moved back to using BIGINTS.

We use to run 3 games on here at one point, 1: 1 Month Game, 2: 3 Month Game and 3: 6 Month Game.
The first 2 games was mostly ok, the 3rd game had loads of rollover and rollunder issues, the scheduler fixed most of the issues but not all.

And due to the issues on game 3 I stopped it, I then started to get ill so I stopped game 2 and kept game 1 along with the forums.
Then came all the server issues that we had back then, which resulted in moving servers twice to where we are now, sadly game 1 now no longer works due to us using newer versions of PHP and MySQL, but mostly a PHP issue.

Well its 06:53 here now, need to take some meds and get some kip.
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Re: New official game?

Post by Rincewind » Wed Jan 11, 2017 01:28 UTC

I appreciate the reply. Looking forward to some new stuff.
I enjoy playing the game as it is on WyeSoft but some of the issues make it pretty annoying.

The biggest issue I think is the fact that I cannot withdraw more than int limitation value, but not all money from a planet. I want to be able to withdraw 5trillion when there's quintillions on the planet.

Ah well, I can wait for the new game :)

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