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🛠 Development - Game List...

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 08:46 UTC
by TheMightyDude
Hello All

I trust everyone is well and keeping safe.

This is just an update on what I am currently working on while I am re-organizing the server.

As a first stage on the direction I am wanting to head towards I will be adding a Games List Service here on our Games Section, our Games will be displayed first and then external Games.
Each Game in the list will display the basic server information (Server Name, Max Player Count, Current Player Count, etc) in our list of games to play on.
If they also are running a rules page it will also display a rules button linking to that.

Not fully sure on how to handle the lookups, might just have it going over HTTPS so a WebRequest supplying that servers USID (Unique Server Identifier) Key and if it matches then send the requested info, but that might lead to brute force, but I could have the server being asked for their info to ask our server if we asked them for the info and if so then return the info, that to me would be a more safer bet, sure it will require an extra step but it should be safe.