New round about to start Notice...

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New round about to start Notice...

Post by TheMightyDude » Sat May 02, 2020 06:39 UTC

Hello All

Sorry for the very long delay, but its just me doing this and I have had a few bad days which had halted me working on the site.

Anyhow I have done most of the stuff, anything else I can do as the game is running.

So that being said, the old game at location will no longer exist and will just display a link to the new location.

The new location can be found here
This game is like it was before, but with some extra plugins etc.

I did want to do more but couldn't due to it would of taken too long and I have spent too long on this as it is.

  • It now loads up Admin / GM information correctly, and Create Universe now creates all Admin / GM Accounts automatically when the universe is created.
  • We can now run multi games using the same core code at the same location.
  • Sadly Universe Creation is still not automated due to I haven't got the free time available to do that part of the code.
  • We should now be using PDO via ADOdb (yes I know).
  • Sessions is now more secure than they were before.
There were more stuff that was updated / changed.

So that being said, the game will open up / start on May 11th 2020 and will be a Debug / Test round lasting 3 weeks, then after that time the game will go down for any fixes if needed and then the game will restart, the new game location will display when the game will restart or if there are any issues or delays.

So happy playing.
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Re: New round about to start Notice...

Post by tizkon » Sun May 31, 2020 09:39 UTC

Gj, and cheer with this man :)

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